Realization and manufacture of interior

Extraordinary capabilities of AMOSDESIGN are regularly tested not only in corian production but also in complex supplies of furniture and interior complexes. It is a very complex process of preparation, technical solution and subsequent production and installation on the most demanding projects, where we can use the long-term experience of our company. 


Bubeneč villa 2021

Vila Bubeneč 1.jpeg
Vila Bubeneč 2.jpeg
Vila Bubeneč 3.jpeg

Avion hotel Brno 2021

Hotel Avion Brno.jpeg

Česká televize Brno 2016

Česká televize Brno 1.jpeg
Česká televize Brno 2.jpeg
Česká televize Brno 3.jpeg

Pension Agnes Bohdaneč 2012

Penzion Agnes Bohdaneč 1.jpeg
Penzion Agnes Bohdaneč 2.jpeg
Penzion Agnes Bohdaneč 3.jpeg
Penzion Agnes Bohdaneč 4.jpeg
Penzion Agnes Bohdaneč 5.jpeg

Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 2012

Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 1.jpeg
Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 2.jpeg
Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 3.jpeg
Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 4.jpeg
Hotel Vista Dolní Morava 5.jpeg

Villa Muchova 2009

Vila Muchova 1.jpeg
Vila Muchova 5.jpeg
Vila Muchova 6.jpeg
Vila Muchova 2.jpeg
Vila Muchova 7.jpeg