We offer production of washbasin boards for hotels and office buildings, receptions, reception desks, corian interior wall panels, kitchen counter tops, bathroom elements and other atypical parts of Solid Surfaces.
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We are ready to provide you with expert advice on the technical solution of your projects, with attention to maximizing the use of all the specific, mechanical, functional and aesthetic features of these materials. We will consult you on the design of the proposed solution in relation to choosing a suitable kind of material and its color applications.

Due to state-of-the-art processing technology, modern machines and equipment we can offer you a perfect realization of your projects in the following areas:

  • Commercial interiors
    • Banks - counters
    • Hotels - receptions, sanitary equipment
    • Restaurants - bars, tables, wall cladding
    • Food courts - distribution counters
    • Hospital and laboratory facilities - operating room cladding, laboratory counters
    • Airport and train halls - countertops, reception desks, information counters, booths
    • Atypical special workplaces
  • Household
    • Kitchen and work desks incl. sinks, window sills
    • Bathroom countertops with washbasins, bathtub and shower enclosures
    • Table boards

Technical properties

DuPont™ CORIAN®, the artificial stone, is a unique solid surface that was developed in the 1960s by the American company DuPont™. It is solid mass made of finely ground mixture of natural minerals and polymethyl-polymethacrylate resin.


A complicated manufacturing process ensures perfect homogeneity of the cross-section of the material which grants excellent properties to the artificial stone. Discover the five unique benefits of DuPont™ CORIAN® and five reasons to choose it as a solution for your interior. What is DuPont™ CORIAN® artificial stone like?

  1. Warm and pleasant to touch
    DuPont™ CORIAN® was made-to-order by the US Post Office which wanted to avoid compensation for patients with rheumatic problems. These were due to long stays in cold interiors fitted with genuine stone. While DuPont™ CORIAN® can match elegance of genuine stone, you won't feel any cold. It is warm and very pleasant to touch.
    "DuPont ™ CORIAN® - ideal for fabrication of designer furniture in households, public spaces and offices."
  2. Highly durable and changeless
    DuPont™ CORIAN® is a highly durable material. It is resistant to stains, aggressive UV rays and most acids. In challenging testing, the artificial stone even bounced a bullet shot out of the gun. Leaving an ignited cigarette won't leave a trace on its surface - it can withstand temperatures up to 360 °C in the short term and up to 180 °C long term. Colors and patterns remain unchanged in quality - they do not fade or are otherwise damaged.
    "DuPont ™ CORIAN® - ideal for restaurants and bars."
  3. Hygienic and non-toxic
    DuPont™ CORIAN® is a non-porous material with a smooth non-absorbent surface. Bacteria and molds have no place to hide. The artificial stone is a suitable material for strong allergists and releases no harmful substances at normal temperatures. Additionally, DuPont™ CORIAN® can be easily cleaned - the stained surface is easily washed with water or abrasive powders.
    "DuPont™ CORIAN® - ideal for bathrooms and health care facilities."
  4. Easy to repair
    Scratches and minor cuts can be simply removed by regrinding and repolishing the surface. The integrity of the color area remains intact and DuPont™ CORIAN® will permanently appear brand-new.
    "DuPont™ CORIAN® - ideal for demanding users and kitchens."
  5.  Workable in many ways
    DuPont™ CORIAN® offers undreamed-of possibilities for architects, designers and furniture manufacturers. It can be cut, milled or ground. It also allows the heat treatment so it can be bent arbitrarily in a variety of shapes. It can also be processed in a similar way as wood - cut and glued.

Thanks to the great DuPont™ CORIAN® properties it is possible to achieve seamless joining of individual pieces of material and create large solid bodies, interesting mosaics or inlays. Using the artificial stone DuPont™ CORIAN®, designers can create almost anything - from ergonomically shaped chairs through bar counters to luxurious, comfortable bathtubs.

"DuPont™ CORIAN® - ideal for designers and architects."

Experience the unique properties of DuPont™ CORIAN®. Read about all the options where the artifical stone can be used.