We design solitary furniture and we also produce it. This is a contemporary design that we present not only at fairs around the world but also on the ARCHITONIC and ARCHIEXPO world websites.


Quiet Point SANTINI

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2017

The Santini quiet point is a modern-day confessional – it allows people to make phone calls undisturbed, and also prevents callers from bothering others with loud conversation. It is suitable for offices, covered public areas and shopping centres.

The bottom part is made from LG HI-MACS, while the top cover is of sheet metal varnished according to customers’ requirements. The interior is upholstered with a sound-absorbent material. Please see the catalogue for the range of available colours.

Quiet Point SANTINI 1.jpeg
Quiet Point SANTINI 2.jpeg

MÁNES lighting

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2016

MÁNES svítidlo 1.jpeg

Mendel Chair

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2016

The MENDEL chair is designed for multi-purpose indoor seating, conference rooms and adaptable public areas. It has been certified for use in public areas with the highest load, such as universities or cultural institutions. Classic design and solid wood construction make the MENDEL chair a timeless product, and an appropriate supplement for interior spaces made with natural materials thanks to its utility value. It isn´t a type of chair which will quickly go out of style - it is intended for permanent installation in interior spaces.

Mendel Chair 1.jpeg


Multifunctional seating system. Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2014

PAUSE is a highly variable seating system for public spaces such as shopping malls and large halls. The system offers various seating modifications and it is also a useful place – a charging point where it is possible to connect and charge mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, PC, MP3 and MP4 players using a charging USB socket.

Pause 3.jpeg
Pause 4.jpeg
Pause 1.jpeg
Pause 2.jpeg


Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2014

DOCK IT 1.jpeg
DOCK IT 2.jpeg
DOCK IT 3.jpeg

Ludwig Coffee Table

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2014

Ludwig Coffee Table 1.jpeg

EASY Table

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2011

EASY Table 1.jpeg

Table L

Design Adam Tureček / 2011

Table L 1.jpeg

Table XL

Design Adam Tureček / 2011

TABLE XL 1.jpeg

Ludwig Lounge Chair

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2011

The AMOSDESIGN carried out a restoration of the Tugendhat villa and during this occasion also made replicas of original metal furniture from this villa, in design resembling 1930.

Ludwig Lounge Chair.jpeg


Design Adam Tureček / 2010

A reworking of the traditional flower stand concept which seamlessly combines a self-watering, corian flowerpot of classic form with a stable wooden base equipped with a corian shelf and slightly angled legs. The simple form and quality workmanship allow the flowery meadow planted within FlowerLover to attract the eye.


Brothers & Sisters

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2010

A set of small, versatile tables entitled Brothers and Sisters combining a corian table top with lacquered steel. The table tops are manufactured in various dimensions. A variety of elements for flowers, pens, bottles etc. are placed, suspended, in the table top. These tables can be used as coffee tables or, thanks to their varied heights, as side or club tables.

Brothers & Sisters 1.jpeg
Brothers & Sisters 2.jpeg

Moving Mondrian

Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2010

The author of this furniture has, after 90 years, brought founder of Neoplasticism Piet Mondrian’s static canvas into the dimension of space and movement. The varied shapes of the shelves, the sizes of the drawers and the moveable coloured doors allow the hiding of what is meant to be hidden while simultaneously providing a constantly changing reinterpretation of the famous painter’s work.

It can be seen from the Moving Mondrian bookcase that the compact materials known as DuPont™ Corian® are suitable for far more than their typical use in kitchen work surfaces. Moving Mondrian demonstrates how such unrelated things as a painter’s canvas and furniture can be mutually and closely combined in a designer’s mind.

Moving Mondrian 1.jpeg
Moving Mondrian 2.jpeg


Design Vladimír Ambroz /2008 - 2009/

iTABLE – a table for higher management or a minimalist home office. The iTABLE offers something which no other table can offer with such elegance – space inside its structure to hide all those cables that pose a problem in both homes and offices to a greater and greater degree, along with new appliances.

The key to the iTABLE’s clever solution lies in its construction and the materials used. Most elements, such as cables, mains leads, and all kinds of sockets are hidden within the hollow table top and are accessible via built-in pop-up hatches. The table top and lower part of the table is made from DuPont™ Corian®. It is possible to attach a table lamp to the table top; this fixture then becomes part of the table.

iTable 1.jpeg
iTable 3.jpeg
iTable 2.jpeg


Design Vladimír Ambroz / 2006-2007

Bridge – a designer table fashioned from corian for use as a working desk, a small conference table or a dining table.

BRIDGE Table.jpeg

Whiteline bed

Design AMOS DESIGN / 2006

Whiteline bed.jpeg